World Challenge Code of Conduct for Expeditions

General Principle

Challengers should behave with consideration, common sense and courtesy throughout the expedition programme. They should not knowingly put themselves or others (team members, adults, members of the public) in danger or be unthinking in their actions towards others. Challengers should seek to avoid unnecessary risks and should ensure that they act to warn others of potential risks. Challengers should inform the adult leadership team if they become aware of risks or behaviour that may impact on the safety and / or wellbeing of any individuals or the whole team. Look after yourself and look out for your team!

2. Team Agreement

The team will draw up a Team Agreement prior to departure. This should be drawn up with the input of all team members, who should then all abide by it. This Agreement should take into account any specific school policies or rules, plus any laws and regulations of the destination country.

3. Duty of Care – Adult Responsibilities

The adult leadership team is there to ensure they take all necessary steps to safeguard the wellbeing of the team.  As such, Challengers will be expected to comply with all reasonable instructions and directions form the adult leaders. This may include a requirement for the Challenger(s) to cease an activity immediately if the adult leader issues an instruction to do so.

4. Alcohol – The World Challenge Policy

It is the preferred position of World Challenge that there should be no drinking of alcoholic drinks on expedition.

On rare occasions, and only where World Challenge has received written consent from the school in advance (and for only those aged 18+ at the time of expedition), then World Challenge will implement the officially sanctioned policy of the school and there may be an allowance of controlled consumption within strict limits and under the supervision of the Adult Leadership team. If the school has not authorised consumption of alcohol in advance of departure then the drinking of alcohol on expedition is strictly forbidden.

Challengers and parents should be aware that unauthorised, unsupervised or excessive drinking could threaten the safety of the team and or individuals and this may result in the implementation of disciplinary sanctions, which could include the Challenger(s) being required to leave the expedition (at their own expense) after consultation with the school, Parents and World Challenge Operational Support. Repatriation of the Challenger(s) is the likely consequence of any action which, as a result of the consumption of alcohol, is deemed to have placed the safety and wellbeing of any individuals within the team at risk.

5. Drugs and illegal substances.

World Challenge operates a zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs and illegal substances (when applied to either / or the ‘home’ country or the destination country). The consumption of drugs or other illegal substances will result in the immediate repatriation, (at their own expense), of the Challenger(s) concerned.

All team members must inform World Challenge of any prescribed drugs or of any other medication that may be taken during the expedition. Challengers must not give their prescribed medication to any other person on expedition.

6. Respect for local customs, citizens and environment of the destination

All members of the expedition group will respect the local customs, citizens and environment of the destination country that they are visiting. Challengers are expected to behave with care and courtesy to all members of the public that they encounter while on expedition. 

7. World Challenge disciplinary sanctions

World Challenge will support the adult leadership team where it has been demonstrated that Challenger(s) have knowingly acted against the letter and spirit of the above code of conduct.

The adult leadership team is authorised by World Challenge to take any reasonable measures to ensure the safety and well-being of the Team and any individuals. This may include the removal of any Challengers from any specific or general activities where it is felt that their (continued) inclusion may impact on safety of the remainder of the team or any individuals.

The World Challenge Adult Leadership team may request advice or assistance from World Challenge Operations support in managing a disciplinary situation. World Challenge Operational Support may in turn inform and consult the School and / or parents in deciding the appropriate response to a continued or serious breach of the Code of Conduct.

It is suggested that the Adult Leadership team implement an incremental series of warnings and sanctions in response to any breaches of the Code of Conduct. A verbal warning, for a first offence, followed by a ‘Yellow Card – final warning’ for a repeat / second offence may be issued. For the most serious breaches of the code of conduct, as described above, Challenger(s) may be issued with a ‘Red Card’ and thus required to leave the expedition at the earliest possible moment, following consultation with World Challenge Operations, School and Parents.