Project Case Studies

Building classrooms, Mozambique, Africa

Working with rural communities to build classrooms to replace open-air schooling

Location: Chimanimani Mountains, Central Mozambique, Africa

Project type: Community

Objective: To improve education facilities for rural communities in Mozambique – primarily to build fixed structure classrooms. Teams work alongside proactive local communities chosen by our partner charity MICAIA to identify key areas for improving the educational offering within an area.

Type of work: Teams work hand in hand with local people and skilled workers on construction projects to build classrooms from scratch. Tasks include digging foundations, building wooden-frame structures, helping with roofing, bricklaying to build walls, putting in windows and doors, plastering and painting.

Examples of work done

  • World Challenge first started working here in 2011
  • We are working with three local communities
  • Teams have designed and created marketing material for a honey producing co-operative
  • We have built two classrooms from scratch

Impact of this project on school expedition teams

As well as having a massive impact on the local community, this project has a huge beneficial effect on students, who develop new skills and broaden their awareness in several key areas:
  • With no abundant clean water supply on site, the team learn about the conservation of precious water resources.
  • Using bucket showers and pit latrines while living on site means students learn about basic sanitation.
  • Challengers learn about building methods and develop construction skills.
  • Challengers try their hand at project management, working out quantities and sourcing materials, employing skilled labour, training unskilled volunteers and estimating timelines.
  • The team develop global citizenship skills through facing the challenges of living and working in the developing world.