Project Case Studies

Mwandi Mud Hut project, Zambia, Africa

Helping to build traditional homes for vulnerable members of the community

Location: Mwandi village, south-west Zambia, Africa

Project type: Community

Objective: In the community of Mwandi, the local chief and mission have dedicated their time and effort to improving the housing situation of its families. To help accommodate a growing community struggling with poverty and the effects of HIV & AIDS, World Challenge is offering support to build traditional housing for families in need.

Type of work:

Teams work alongside children and adults from the community, using local materials and building practices to ensure they build mud-based huts using traditional methods that the community can cheaply maintain in the future.

Examples of work done:

  • We first started working here in 2010
  • Seven teams have visited the site so far
  • To date we have built seven huts/homes

Impact of this project on school expedition teams

As well as having a massive impact on the local community, this project has a huge beneficial effect on students, who develop new skills and broaden their awareness in several key areas:
  • Challengers learn about traditional building methods and develop traditional construction skills.
  • Challengers try their hand at project management, working out quantities and sourcing materials, employing skilled labour, training unskilled volunteers and estimating timelines.
  • The team develop global citizenship skills through facing the challenges of living and working in the developing world.