School Expeditions

Benefits of an Expedition

From increased confidence and fitness to global awareness and money management, an expedition brings benefits that will have an impact on the rest of your life.
Completing a World Challenge expedition is an educational travel experience that goes on rewarding students, long after they return home. Challengers achieve more than they thought possible by stretching beyond their comfort zone, and this sense of accomplishment colours their ongoing view of themselves and their place in the world. They have to raise the bar in terms of physical fitness, communication, teamwork and organisation, all highly valuable skills they can draw on in their post-expedition lives. Engaging with another culture during the Project phase brings global awareness that can’t be gleaned from books. Students return from their expedition with increased energy and enthusiasm and a sense that if they really apply themselves, there’s no limit to what they can do.
With our support, students take ownership of destination research and itinerary planning, fundraising ideas and events, budgeting, preparation, fitness and nutrition. At World Challenge, we believe this build-up programme is as important as the expedition itself, in teaching young people important life skills such as teamwork and money management. Our structured educational programmes, led by experienced staff, teach practical skills and encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and their team.

Employability and life skills

Team building  

Teamwork is the key to success on every World Challenge expedition. Knowing your team well and having an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of others means that you can accomplish more together.


An important part of your expedition is taking responsibility for and leading your team, which you all get the opportunity to do, before and during the expedition. Becoming more comfortable in a leader role has positive implications for your chosen career.


The nature of travel in developing countries means that expeditions often don’t go exactly according to plan. Problems such as illness, poor accommodation, river crossings, eating difficulties and different expectations all impact on the team. Dealing with and surmounting these difficulties is a valuable experience that enhances life skills.

Every expedition offers its share of challenge and adventure; this is why we embark on expeditions, to enable us to push ourselves and learn. Having an understanding and appreciation not only for your own safety, but also for that of your team mates is a crucial life lesson for students.
Stu, our Global Operations Director

Learning outside the classroom

Reflection and reviewing 

As a team, you are likely to sometimes face stressful and challenging situations, but also amazing ones too. We present opportunities to reflect and review throughout the expedition, which are vital in order to think about the experiences in ways that enhance their value. These skills can also be of great benefit in the future.

Ongoing personal development

Most students return from their expedition feeling much more confident and mature as a result of the way they coped with the demands of the expedition. We encourage you to think about how you can maintain and build on your achievements.

Health and Wellbeing

Personal fitness

Fitness is the responsibility of every member of the team. It establishes a base level throughout the team in order to ensure enjoyment for all participants. Increasing personal fitness brings a sense of fulfilment that you won’t want to let go of.

Challenger events

The sponsored Challenger runs, abseils, Pathfinder Challenge, and Extreme and Colour Run events are a fantastic way to raise funds to help finance your expedition. They are also great fun and a brilliant way to get to know team members better.


The team's ability to cope with challenging environments and situations is, in many ways, linked to the food bought and prepared. Real life learning about nutrition in this way can change your attitude to the food you eat after you return home.

Health and hygiene

On expedition, it is essential that all Challengers are aware of the need for a heightened attention to hygiene at all times, and are able to look out for the early warning signs of negative changes to health. These good hygiene habits can enhance quality of life back home.

University Applications 

ASDAN Universities Award (UA) [partners and accreditation]

Learners can achieve personal and social development through the highly recognised ASDAN awards and qualifications. 

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE) 

We are an Approved Activity Provider (AAP) for the DofE, which allows Challengers to accredit their expedition towards a Gold DofE Award. A number of World Challenge outdoor expeditions have been approved by the DofE for this purpose, so you can be sure the expedition programme ticks all the 20 conditions specified by their expedition section. Please contact us for more information


Social Media 

By maintaining and enhancing your social media networks, you can keep in touch with your fellow Challengers before departure, and manage and plan your fundraising events much more effectively. These skills will be useful for future projects.

Video, blogging and journal entries 

By being creative and using the correct medium you can communicate effectively with all your audiences whether that’s corporate sponsors, friends and family or your own team.

Presentation skills 

Being able to plan and deliver presentations is an invaluable skill that you can use going forward. You learn to understand your chosen topic better, and how to engage an audience. 

Financial awareness 

Money management programme   

Raising the money for your expedition yourself helps you gain a better understanding of managing money and budgeting. We help you break down your fundraising efforts into more manageable targets, showing how even large financial projects are achievable with organisation. Before you depart on your expedition you will be skilled in the art of money management which will greatly help you keep to budget on your expedition. 

Budgeting skills 

Understanding the budget and how you can get the most from it is a key learning point of the expedition programme and a highly transferable skill.

Global awareness 

Cultural Interaction 

To help you understand the physical, political and religious environment of your expedition, we encourage you to research your destination. This goes a long way to helping you to communicate and interact better with all of your contacts once you arrive in country.

Introduction to local languages 

To be able to speak a few words in the local language adds a new dimension to the expedition, increasing your sense of engagement and developing your communication skills.

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Environmental awareness 

Most students feel more confident embarking on an expedition if they have some knowledge of its potential impact on the environment and a plan to lessen that impact. This changes the way they think about the world’s resources after the expedition.


We encourage you to think about what you want to get out of the trekking experience and how you can minimise your impact on your physical surroundings.

Responsible travel 

An important part of your expedition is to consider how you may use it as an opportunity to not only enhance your life experience, but to bring benefit to the communities and environment that you visit.

Although 14 years of age, the Challengers were a credit to their school and families throughout. From their caring interactions with the children on the project, their self-organisation and efficiency in team roles, to the way they conquered the challenges of the trek and to their mature approach to the visit to Auschwitz. There was little if any friction within the group which allowed for an enjoyable and very developmental expedition.
Expedition Leader, 
Churcher’s College, Poland

Why go on a school trip when you can go on a World Challenge?

"The structure of a World Challenge expedition is a winning formula. The way the students are engaged and involved from the outset gives them true ownership of their experience... It is an experience like no other!"
School Leader, DENBIGH SCHOOL, Tanzania (Mt Kilimanjaro) 2014
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