Project Independence FAQ

How will I raise the money?

Fundraising for your expedition is an important part of the programme. World Challenge will support you to fundraise during the build-up to your expedition.

The My World Challenge portal has over 200 fundraising ideas and case studies to give you inspiration. We also run regional Challenger events, including fun runs, abseils, mini mud runs and pathfinders which are a great way to raise sponsorship towards your expedition.

Will I need to learn the language?

Whilst you don’t need to speak the language fluently, learning a few key words and phrases will help you get by and communicate easily whilst in-country. Our local guides speak English and will be able to support you, but having a basic understanding of your host country’s language will make things easier.


Will I get to know my team before my expedition?

It’s understandable that you may be worried about going an expedition with people you don’t already know. 

Our independent Challenger programme has been designed with this in mind. The programme ensures that you have the opportunity to talk to and meet your team mates before you travel.

From the moment your expedition is launched, you’ll be able to use Team Talk on the My World Challenge portal to chat to your team, before meeting at our social in the autumn.

You’ll head off on your training expedition in March, led by your Expedition Leader. This is a fantastic opportunity to discuss your itinerary and to get to know your team mates better.

Former Challengers tell us that their experiences on expedition have meant that they have forged lasting friendships.


How will I prepare for the physical aspect of my expedition?

You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to join World Challenge, but being physically fit will ensure you get the most out of your expedition. When you join the team you’ll receive your World Challenge Fitness Assistance Pack. Put together by experts, this pack includes guidance on how to improve your fitness, a timeline  to help you plan your fitness in the lead up to your expedition, examples of exercises and a range of exercise plans. Using this guide will make sure that you’re ready for the physical challenges on expedition.


Why should I do World Challenge?

On a World Challenge expedition, you take the lead and gain valuable life skills in the process. Working as part of a team, you’ll develop your communication, money management and leadership skills, whilst gaining an insight into another culture. Whether you plan to go to university or straight into the world of work, your World Challenge expedition will be an experience you can draw upon during the application process. If you’d like to know more about how going on a World Challenge expedition can help you in the university application process, download our research.

Can't decide on a destination? 

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