Protecting Elephants

16th May 2016

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Responsible tourism is at the heart of the World Challenge ethos. Following a review of elephant related activities World Challenge has made the decision to stop all elephant riding with immediate effect, due to major concerns over the welfare of the animals. Please see our Statement of Intent.

We have joined forces with World Animal Protection and have signed a pledge on their ‘Wildlife.Not Entertainers’ scheme, to prevent our teams using poorly treated animals.  If you want to read up a bit more and/or sign the petition yourselves please click on the following links:

We appreciate that this may cause some initial disappointment but there are many fantastic alternative activities teams can choose from when they are in country. We are also looking into new activities, for example in India we have just introduced the option for teams to visit Wildlife SOS – a rescue centre in Agra for elephants and sloth bears.

We hope that given the reasons behind the removal of these activities that you will be fully in support of our decision.