Principal Praises World Challenge Global Impact

30th April 2014

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Ramsey High Principal Michael Thumm is a firm believer that School Expeditions Company World Challenge helps provide students with the necessary skills required to succeed in the United States’ increasingly global society.
That is why he had no hesitation in allowing a staggering 88 students to sign up for an expedition with the global organisation for 2015.
Six separate teams from the school, established in 1909, will travel to Ecuador (Latin America) for two weeks in July before two of the groups then head over to The Galapagos Islands – famed for their vast number of endemic species – for another week.  
All six teams have been given the option of undertaking an altitude trek in The Andes or to complete a variety of challenges through the Amazon Jungle.
Ramsey has previously undertaken World Challenges to Costa Rica (2011) and Peru (2013).
“World Challenge’s ethos of challenge, participation and environment very much aligns with our mission which is all about striving to advance 21st century learning that prepares our students for success as they enter college and the workplace,” said Mr Thumm.
“We expect our graduates to be able to solve complex, subject-based and multi-disciplinary problems through collaboration and critical thinking, and World Challenge very much plays its part in helping them to achieve this.
“Their programmes take individuals supportively out of their comfort zone and provide them with valuable and practical experience centred on the skills necessary for students to succeed in our increasingly global society.”
“The change in students who have participated in World Challenge is noticeable,” added Mr Thumm.
“I have interviewed students for participation in leadership programmes and positions at our school and participants in World Challenge have an air of confidence, a greater global perspective and an ability to collaborate with a strong sense of purpose.”
Dan Porter, Sales Director for WC North America, added: “Returning students and their parents are our best advocates and many of them naturally promote the experience to others.
“But that said, the driving force at Ramsey has been School Leaders Stacie Poelstra and Kelly Hasslinger, who completely believe in our philosophy and breathe great energy into the whole experience. They are hugely passionate about providing young people at Ramsey High School with what are potentially life-changing opportunities.”
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