Olympic Champion Lizzy Yarnold to Help Teachers Prepare for Global Expeditions

12th May 2015

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Teachers preparing for global expeditions will have the chance to pit their fitness against Olympic Champion, Lizzy Yarnold, at World Challenge’s Expedition Preparation Conference (EPC), held at Bucks New University on Sunday 17th May.
The Conference is one of four hosted across the country with the aim of helping teachers running World Challenge expeditions this summer to plan and collaborate in their preparations.
Lizzy is an ambassador and advocate for World Challenge, a global provider of student-led expeditions, having completed an expedition herself along the Maya Route in 2006 with Maidstone Girls Grammar. Now the current Olympic, World and European Champion in her sport of skeleton, she is keen to promote the health and wellbeing benefits of such expeditions.
To raise awareness of the importance of fitness in preparation for undertaking the expeditions, which involve treks and community outreach work, Lizzy will be putting a few brave teachers through their fitness paces in the form of a bleep test.
“Testing your fitness is so important if you’re looking to improve your stamina, particularly ahead of a tough World Challenge expedition,” commented Lizzy. “It’ll be great fun to test the teachers who are preparing to take their students on what will be a trip of a lifetime.
“Expeditions like the ones World Challenge provides offer a great opportunity for young adults to experience the world and make a real difference to others, as well as themselves. Physical fitness is also a hot topic at the moment, and preparing for an expedition can be a great way to get teenagers active with a definite end goal to work towards.
“The skills gained on these expeditions are also invaluable to adult life; from going to university to getting on the career ladder. You really learn how to cooperate and work with others as part of a team, lead and manage a project, and develop a healthy amount of resilience.”
The EPC will run all day, beginning with an address from Lizzy and talks from teachers and World Challenge Expedition Leaders. Breakout sessions and a forum for informal discussion will take place throughout the day.
“Our EPCs are a great way for the teachers preparing for an expedition to find out key information, share advice and tips with their peers, and collaborate to ensure that they and their students will have the best trip possible,” added Matt Eastlake, Managing Director of World Challenge.