Celebration Time as Duo Conquer Transatlantic Row!

27th August 2015

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World Challenge Global Sales Director Pete Fletcher had one thing on his mind after completing his epic transatlantic row – a Cornish Pasty!
Pete, and former colleague Tom Hudson, arrived into Falmouth this morning after an energy-sapping 98 days at sea having set off in their Macpac Challenger boat from New York on 21 May.
The duo, both originally from the UK but who now live in Australia, rowed unassisted 3,000 nautical miles and have raised over $10,000 for the McGrath Foundation who place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia, as well as increasing breast awareness in young women. 
They were passed bottles of Cornish cider as they arrived into harbour - saying their first job was to find a Cornish pasty before joking “we’re going to do it again!”
“It has been an incredible journey of self-discovery with so many highs and lows along the way,” said Pete.
“There was some big weather and we capsized a couple of times which resulted in us losing some of our food supplies overboard. We ran out a few weeks ago and that was tough for both of us. We probably shed about 20 kilos each in bodyweight.”
Tom added: “We ran out of food and it went from hard to really tough. I think the game changes when you don't have anything to eat.”
Pete's wife Beth, who is from Falmouth, was waiting to meet them on the quayside and told Pirate FM: “It’s an amazing feeling - we've been waiting for so long so it's actually quite surreal.
“After they had their first storm and capsized I got a very shaky call, so that was quite hard.
“Since then we've had messages from the satellite phone - just short messages - but at least you know they’re alright and you get that feeling of contact.”
It was only in 2010 that Tom and his girlfriend Jodie Burton, who also works for World Challenge, set off on a global cycle trek through 29 countries before successfully reaching the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand the following year.
Tom added: “Our mission was to empower young people to dare to dream, to take on inspiring challenges, learn from them and lead fulfilling and authentic lives.”

Even cricket legend Glenn McGrath, the McGrath Foundation’s founder, had a special message of congratulations for the pair.
“G'day Pete and Tom! Firstly, huge congrats on finishing the epic 98 days at sea! You should both be extremely proud of yourselves; I know I am, as is the whole McGrath Foundation team.
“Secondly thank you for all the funds you raised for the Foundation. We are extremely grateful and really appreciate your support. Hopefully we shall see you when you’re back in Australia; in the meantime I'm sure you are looking at getting plenty of rest and celebrating with your friends and family. Congrats once again boys.”
Further information about the challenge can be found at: www.dare2dream.today