Borneo Advisory 4

15th June 2015

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Closing Statement – Recent Earthquakes in Borneo 
On 5 June an earthquake struck the Mount Kinabalu area of Borneo and since then several minor aftershocks have occurred.
Following the initial earthquake, which caused a number of landslides on the mountain but limited disruption further afield, World Challenge proceeded to divert all teams due to travel away from the affected area.
An amended itinerary incorporating alternative activities to replace those within the earthquake vicinity is being provided to all teams. 
We utilise a number of government and security agencies as well as our own knowledgeable in-country agent network to keep us abreast of all significant global incidents.
We currently have three teams in country and there is no plan to divert upcoming expeditions away from the island. 
We will continue to monitor the situation in Borneo but are confident with the alternative plans that have been implemented; as a result there will be no further updates on this matter unless the situation changes significantly.