Timba Kileo - Northern Tanzania

2nd August 2015

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Timba joined the team in March 2013. He lives in Moshi, right next to Kilimanjaro, and as well as being the In-Country Agent for Northern Tanzania, he is also the Operations Manager for Ahsante Tours, the company through which we climb Kili and Meru. 
What is your role and what duties are involved?
* Source new projects for World Challenge in Northern Tanzania
* Facilitate all the necessary assistance required for the teams to achieve their various objectives
* Prepare and keep the project coordinators up to date with all the information before the teams arrive
* Coordinate between the teams and the project coordinators in Northern Tanzania
* Intervene and assist the teams In-case of emergencies or whenever they require help 
* Coordinate rescue between Ops room and teams while in country
* Liaise with transport coordinators in DAR so all the teams get to their destinations on time
* Make sure all teams return home safely from my destination
Why do you enjoy working with World Challenge?
With the demands of today's world, exposure and being dynamic is a necessity. The Challengers come from a very different background towhat I’m used to on a daily basis. It is both a challenge and a learning experience to be able to assist them cope with modern day Africa. Seeing them, as young as they are, coping with the language barrier and achieve their targets all in one month is an amazing and inspiring achievement.
Why do Challengers enjoy going to Tanzania?
Because they get to learn a new language, taste the many Swahili dishes that come with the language, interact with some of the most friendly communities Africa has to offer, including the Maasai, travel to household name destinations such as Ngorongoro Crater, Mt. Kilimanjaro and Zanzibar and, to top it all, Tanzania is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. These are the prerequisites which make every Challenger enjoy this destination.
What’s the best part of your job?
Watching the Challengers interact in an African market; it’s an absolute joy to watch. No price tags or credit cards – a jaw-dropping experience for most of them who have the opportunity to try it.
Do you see a change in Challengers from when they arrive in Tanzania and when they leave and why?
Absolutely, they are more switched on when they leave. They say thanks and goodbye in Swahili – Kwaheri and Asante Sana.