School Leader, Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe

13th November 2015

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An annoying illness I had recently really got me thinking.

I was sat at home nursing a nasty earache, thinking about the fact that the doctor had told me that my eardrum was perforated. Remembering my scuba training, I was wondering whether I would ever be able to dive again.

Then I thought.

How lucky am I that I was ever even able to dive in the first place? That I had the opportunity to learn scuba on a paradise coral island in the Caribbean. That I had climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. I had helped build a school house in the cloud-strewn high plateau of Madagascar. I’ve ridden a camel over the sunset-stained red dunes of the Sahara desert and canoed over enormous mirror-like fjords in Norway.

The reason that I’m so lucky is down to my involvement with World Challenge as a School Leader. These experiences have changed me as a person and I can only imagine what a difference these moments have had on our lads in such a formative stage in their lives and characters. Seeing a team grow from a group and watching as individuals discover new skill-sets they would never have previously dreamt of possessing.

When a team becomes self-sufficient on expedition, I sometimes become the pupil, learning to share responsibility and allowing the team to make the decisions and work together. This is an extremely rewarding experience.