Sawang Thongdee - Thailand

4th August 2015

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Sawang is a World Challenge veteran with six years’ worth of experience under his belt and has been instrumental in making Thailand one of the most popular South-East Asian destinations we operate in. 
Prior to joining World Challenge, Sawang worked as a science teacher in his home town of Chiang Mai before turning his attention to his favourite pastime – cycling to various far flung areas around the globe. 
Sawang has cycled from Thailand to most of the countries in Asia and actually made his way to the 2014 UK Expedition Preparation Conferences via a cycling adventure that saw him ride through China, Mongolia and Siberia, to name but a few of his destinations. 
“I came back from travelling absolutely broke so started to keep my eyes open for jobs and that’s when I came across World Challenge,” he said. “It’s an organisation that is very close to my heart and I see it as a privilege to work with children from other countries and see them develop and grow in-country into better and more responsible people.
“I am there to help the Challengers (students) and solve problems but I also love showing foreigners my country. It’s great to see them all with smiles on their faces. Thailand is a special place because it is tropical and cheap! Thai people are very accommodating and always make tourists feel welcome.”
And Sawang has no intention of changing careers just yet! “I love my lifestyle and travel is a big part of my life. I told myself that I’d settle down by the time I was 30 but I’m now 40, and wouldn’t change it for the world!”