Piseth Luon

4th August 2015

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How long have you been working as a Project Host or Co-ordinator for World Challenge?  
I have been a project host since 2006.
What type of community projects do you get involved in and where?
The projects are in Mkak Village, Kok Thlok Commune, Chikreng District, and the Siem Reap province of Cambodia. The projects include building new classrooms, fencing and playground development for the village school. The Challengers interact with the school students in arts, sports and hygiene lessons.
Why do you enjoy the work that you do?
The school is growing, the children love coming to school and they have more interesting activities. The parents understand about education and they encourage their children to go to school.
How do you feel the World Challenge teams benefit personally from their project experience?
They live and work in a very different environment and that can only be good for their development.
How do you feel the local community benefits from the World Challenge teams’ work and support?
The school benefits hugely and all the Challengers help leave a lasting legacy which the local community really appreciates.
Piseth Luon, Project Host, Bright Children Organisation, Cambodia