Phil Radford

2nd August 2015

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Why do you feel the World Challenge expedition was a benefit to your daughter?
Alicia always has been one of those laid-back girls and it always takes her a while to actually pluck up the courage and motivation to do anything!
But she has no regrets and the expedition has completely changed her perspective on life. She appreciates things a little bit more now she has taken part in a World Challenge.
How do you think the trip will help Alicia’s future success and development?
It will and has made her much stronger and resilient as a person. She is also very focused and I have no doubts that the expedition has provided those valuable life skills that young people need to progress in life.
How did Alicia prepare for the trip?
We did as much as we could to help her but her main fundraising efforts revolved around bingo nights and pub quizzes. It’s amazing how supportive people are when they know what is the end goal and how much effort has gone into the event.
How did you find World Challenge throughout the programme?
Parents are naturally going to be anxious but World Challenge continually reassure you and offer up that support and advice at every stage.
I’d love to go on a World Challenge myself! There is always room for a bit of excitement in life and I just wish I had a similar opportunity when I was at school. It’s such a rewarding experience.