Lucy Lintott

3rd August 2015

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Lucy Lintott is Scotland’s youngest motor neurone disease sufferer. Since being diagnosed, Lucy has shown her fighting spirit and has drawn up her bucket list, which includes being a bridesmaid, meeting pop star Lily Allen and raising £100,000 for the charity MND Scotland.
Lucy also undertook a World Challenge to Thailand and Cambodia with Milne’s High School (Fochabers, Moray) in 2012.
What were your highlights?
Trekking through the Cambodian and Thailand jungle, navigating our way around cities and towns, building a pig pen at an orphanage and mixing with the children there.
What new skills did you learn from the experience?
I learnt how to overcome language barriers, make friends, as well as budgeting skills. 
How did you find the fundraising and have those skills helped with your current fundraising goals for MND awareness?
The fundraising was great fun and it bonded us as a group. It definitely showed me how easy it was to raise funds with some hard work. Fundraising to go to Thailand and Cambodia gave me the experience and some ideas of what to do for MND fundraising.
Do you feel as though your expedition prepared you for life? 
My World Challenge expedition gave me the travelling bug and helped me plan and organise my future travels easily. 
Would you recommend a World Challenge expedition to others?
I’d definitely recommend a World Challenge expedition to anyone who likes adventures and the outdoors as it’s the best way to end your school life and spend a summer. My expedition friends and I still talk about the trip even two years on. It’s unforgettable!
Are you keen to keep fundraising for MND and help spread awareness of the disease?
I will keep fundraising and raising awareness for motor neurone disease until I’m unable to and even then I’ll try and carry on.
How is the bucket list going? Have you had much support including from celebrities?
The bucket list is going really well and I love ticking items off it. Each item has brought me so much happiness and they give me a reason to keep going. Sadly I haven’t had any support from any celebrities yet but there’s still time!!
Lucy Lintott, Fochabers, Moray – Thailand and Cambodia 2012