Heather & Rob Petts

4th August 2015

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Why do you feel the World Challenge expedition was a benefit to your son?
Sam loves World Challenge! We saw a change in him over the two years prior to him leaving on expedition. He liked his own company, wasn’t the most sociable and that was by his own admission, but by the time he got round to doing some group fundraising, he was out there organising it all and gained a good group of friends. The trip has certainly changed his outlook on life.
How do you think the trip will help Sam’s future success and development?
It’s a great addition to his CV particularly as travel is something that he wants to continue to do as well. The expedition has left him wanting more and has whetted his appetite. When we talk to friends with children, it becomes all too evident what Sam has achieved and the experiences he has gained.
How did Sam prepare for the trip?
Raising the sort of money required at the start is pretty daunting but once they started getting that initial momentum going then the total seemed to creep up pretty quickly. Sam did well with his fundraising but I must emphasise that it was a family effort and was done together whilst friends were very supportive as well. 
An expedition to the developing world is so unusual for a 16/17 year old to undertake so people were happy to support this fantastic opportunity. We’ve got a younger son who is already interested in undertaking a World Challenge so we’ll be fundraising again!
How did you find World Challenge throughout the programme?
Communication was the key. World Challenge help set the right expectations from the outset so we anticipated that we wouldn’t hear much if anything from Sam. No news was good news and we encouraged and embraced that independence that he had. But if we did have any concerns, then we rang up Customer Support straight away and they’d help us sort.