Andrew Kumai - Nepal

4th August 2015

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How long have you been working with World Challenge?
I have been involved on a full-time basis for seven years. Summit Nepal Trekking has been working with World Challenge since 1999.
What is your role and what duties are involved?
I am the In-Country Agent for World Challenge on behalf of Summit Nepal Trek. As an ICA, the main role is to confirm prices/bookings for the trek, meet the team when they arrive in Kathmandu for a proper briefing on the trek and also to try to provide information as much as possible about their destination, including project visit, any accommodation within the country, local transportation and R&R.
Why do you enjoy working with World Challenge?
It is totally different from working with an adult team or any other tour groups. There is the challenge to ensure that the team is looked after well from the time they arrive until their final departure. It is so much fun working with different age groups. I feel there is very good teamwork within World Challenge and there are never any communication issues.
Why do Challengers enjoy going to Nepal?
There is so much to see in Nepal. With a diverse culture, different landscapes, the hospitality they receive and the smiling faces of the Nepalese everywhere they go.
What’s the best part of your job?
The best part of the job is when I go to meet the teams for the briefing and feel so happy to answer their questions. All Challengers have different questions to ask and are so anxious to hear the answers to make sure they are well prepared for the whole trip. 
Do you see a change in Challengers from when they arrive in Nepal and when they leave and why?
As mentioned above the Challengers are so anxious and want to know a lot of things when they first arrive in Kathmandu. The crowded streets, traffic, and a full programme ahead makes it quite daunting but there is a huge change when they leave Nepal. You can see the brightness in their faces; a feeling that they have accomplished a mission and are ready to face any challenges in life.