International Baccalaureate & CAS

World Challenge delivers school programmes that complement and enhance existing curricula, providing exciting opportunities for students and staff.

Our World Challenge Weeks, Adventure Itineraries and Expedition Programmes dovetail neatly with the ethos of the International Baccalaureate, and further offer students a springboard for fulfilling the Creativity Action and Service (CAS) and Extended Essay elements of the IB Diploma Programme.

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Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)

See how your World Challenge expedition can satisfy the criteria for the Creativity Action and Service (CAS) element of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme with some examples in the table below.
Before ExpeditionDuring ExpeditionAfter Expedition
CreativityPlanning and researching the itinerary and service project • Creative fundraising/use of IT • Pre expedition presentation for parents on the achievements and plans of the team.Creative problem solving of every day issues on expedition • Community project (construction, painting, putting on plays etc) • Creative skills – e.g. language, travel, photography, journal writing.Post expedition presentation (assembly or parents' evening) • Photo montage in school, school magazine article or local paper.
ActionFitness training programme encourages ongoing regular activities • Learning of new physical & expedition skills on training expedition.Trekking (4 to 15 days) • Other adventurous activities (e.g. white water rafting, kayaking, horse riding) • Camping and general self-sufficiency.Potential for the team to help out with the fitness training for the next year's team • Overall fitness improved.
ServicePotential for pre-expedition linking of school team with host community project. Important for IB Schools • Organising activities within the school/community to aid fundraising and raise project profile.A worthwhile community project from 4 to 10 days along the lines of the project plans negotiated by school • Two separate projects with different emphasis.Potential for ongoing links with community project e.g. letter writing continued fundraising & IT activities • Formalised twinning arrangement.
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The Extended Essay

Throughout the programme we encourage students to research around and think widely about their expedition. This could provide a springboard for an Extended Essay which is a mandatory core component of the IB Diploma Programme.
For example:
  • 'Community based tourism in the Himalayas' – following an expedition to India or Nepal.
  • 'The impact of poaching on sea turtle numbers' – following an expedition to Malaysia involving a turtle conservation project.
  • 'Study of tourist development within the Rift Valley' – following an expedition to Kenya or Ethiopia.
  • 'Deforestation and the impact on Orangutans' – after a visit to Sepilok on a Borneo expedition.
  • 'Education in East Africa' – following an expedition to Malawi involving a project in a local school.

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