Fundraising Case Studies

Find out how organisation skills, creative thinking, tenacity and teamwork have helped Challengers meet their fundraising goals

Katie Lee Brown – Costa Rica – October 2015


Hate Heights? Go Skydiving!

I recently completed a skydive in an attempt to raise money for my expedition to Costa Rica. I didn’t actually come up with the idea of the skydive myself, my mum thought of it, due to my fear of heights and it being something I’ve wanted to overcome for a while. She just turned round to me one morning and said “We should do a skydive for you and that can raise money and rid your fear”.
I advertised the skydive via my Facebook page and I told pretty much everyone in my sixth form college and village; my mum told her co-workers and so did my other members of family.
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I collected sponsorship by going round and knocking on houses with a sponsorship form and also just asking people at college if they would sponsor me. I also wrote to local Rotary Clubs and they kindly sponsored.

The hardest part was the weather! We had it booked way before I actually did it, but the weather took a turn and it was too windy so we had to postpone it. I was devastated because I was so happy the day had finally come when I could overcome my fear of heights, to have it postponed just dragged it out that little bit more.

I think if I was to do something like this again, I’d probably splatter posters all over towns and even cities just to let everyone know that I’m actually doing something good for a fundraising event and I’m not just sitting on my bottom on a sofa trying to scrape money together; I’m actually working hard and so is my mum!

Top tips: Just work hard and NEVER quit. Don’t let your insecurities get bigger than you, you can do it and you will. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for money from people – it’s for an amazing cause!

Anna Gittoes – India South – July 2016

Indian Food Fundraiser

I held an Indian fundraiser at a local Indian restaurant.
With the help of my mum and dad, I went along to the restaurant and asked them if I could host a function in the newly opened restaurant. They offered to put on an Indian buffet and we bartered with them to get a good price.
All we had to do then was fill the restaurant with people. I designed and printed tickets; we costed the tickets at an average price you would pay if you went for an Indian meal.
We set up a Facebook events page which we invited everyone to and before long, tickets were selling quickly; we managed to squeeze in 84 people in the end.
The Indian restaurant were fab, we only had seating for 65 but we had so much interest we just kept selling.
With mum and dad's help and advice, I emailed, wrote and visited local businesses for goods to be raffled on the night.
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We obtained a spa afternoon, driving lesson, car valets, cinema tickets and a day out at a local castle and we used beer, wine, cider and crisps to make up hampers. We also contacted two local builders' merchants and they gave me three items to put into a silent auction.
The only outlay for the event was the printing of the tickets and making up the hampers. The hardest part was probably the worry in the beginning of 'would we sell all the tickets', little did we know it would be so popular; also asking businesses for their help, this was definitely a challenge for me.
As we had a few children attending, I made sweetie cones, as I thought it would be something for them to purchase. These proved very popular, not only with the children but also the adults, for gifts to take home and the restaurant staff for their children.
We had a squares board, separate to the raffle and silent auction, the prize was a bottle of donated Limited Edition Chase Vodka. Chase are our neighbours and they were very happy to help. I couldn't believe how generous everyone was.
We ate, sold raffle tickets and I made a speech which was very nerve wracking. I explained about World Challenge, what we would be doing whilst we were away and why I wanted to do this trip. The evening was a huge success and I made £1076. Before we left, the restaurant gave me a voucher for £35 and some wine to put in as a prize for my next fundraiser.
I used World Challenge letter templates to help me with the writing of letters. I couldn't have done it without the support and guidance from my mum and dad.
Top tips: Make sure you sell the tickets before the night and collect the money before the event. That way if someone doesn't show, at least you have the money to pay for the meal. Another tip is to advertise on a FB event page, this was definitely a big help with publicising it and it's free!

Evie Mortimer – Sri Lanka – July 2016

Dancing the Highland Fling

I’ve been fundraising for my trip to Sri Lanka by busking in my local city. The busking has been very hard work, but it's satisfying knowing that it is getting noticed!
I busk almost every weekend on Princes Street in Edinburgh, doing traditional Scottish dancing called Highland Dancing. We do many different dances, such as the traditional Highland fling, the sword dance and the Seann Triubhas. 
I have been dancing for the past year with my sister Leah, however up until recently I have been doing it alone as she has moved out and is now studying at university. 
To make it clear to the public that I am fundraising for an upcoming trip, I have a sign clearly saying, “Please help us get to Sri Lanka!”. This obviously gains me many puzzled looks and people asking me why we would want to go to Sri Lanka. 
I swiftly reply “We’re going with a World Challenge group, travelling around the island, trekking and undertaking project work. It is all about gaining confidence, being independent and experiencing new cultures.”
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People always love to hear what I’m doing, and often give more money when hearing it's for a good cause.
When I first thought about busking I was concerned about the council and the licence that I may have to get. However, when researching it more, I discovered that unless it is around the time of the Fringe festival, Edinburgh Council loves street performers and does not ask for any kind of licence. Many councils also share their love of street performers, which came as a shock to me.
In just under a year I have raised almost £2300, with Christmas time being my busiest time of the year (must be something to do with the Christmas cheer!)

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