Challenger Events T-Shirt Competition 2015

Thank you to everyone who entered our Challenger Events T-Shirt Competition this year. We received over 200 amazing entries which we then had the tough job of shortlisting to just six finalists (see below). These were then posted on the World Challenge Events & Fundraising Facebook page on Friday 4 December where we asked you to have your say by Liking your favourite design.
After seven days we had a total of 1376 Likes on all the designs combined. Thank you to all who participated by liking, commenting and sharing. It was a huge success and a very exciting week for us!
We are very pleased to announce that the winner of the Challenger Events T-Shirt Competition 2015 is Morgaine Puttergill from Essex who had an impressive 500 Likes on her design.
Morgaine wins £200 off her expedition total and every Challenger who completes a 2016 Challenger Event will receive a T-Shirt of her winning design.
Congratulations Morgaine!

Challenger Events T-Shirt Competition 2015 Shortlist

Katie Clarke

Bethany Field

Hannah Hamilton

Charlotte Mason

Morgaine Puttergill

Dan Thomas

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