Medical & Communication Equipment  

We support teams with a reliable international system to stay in touch and the best medical back-up.

At World Challenge we equip all our expedition teams with a satellite distress beacon to help pinpoint a team’s location in an emergency. Distress beacons are specifically designed for search and rescue and we believe they are better than GPS trackers as they offer full global coverage and are monitored by government agencies and military forces across 43 different countries worldwide. In the UK, this international network system is monitored by the UK Mission Control Centre at RAF Kinloss. World Challenge has a unique partnership with RAF Kinloss established for over 20 years in which we exchange information on all of our teams overseas.

Satellite phone and beacon combination

Most of our teams are also equipped with a satellite telephone so they can contact us and other support networks from remote areas. Our Operational Support Team can also leave messages for the team on their satellite phone should we need them to get in touch with us for any reason. The satellite phone and beacon combination is proven to be a robust and reliable communications system that is unrivalled by those offered by other school expedition companies.

Expert support to treat illness

We send every team away with a comprehensive medical kit and accompanying handbook compiled by our medical expert, Dr Jon Dallimore.  The kit contains a wide range of medication to help the leadership team deal with any illness or infection, under the direction of our consultants.

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