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Nicaragua at a glance

Population: 5.87 million

Terrain: Volcanoes, jungle, beach, mountains

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Ideas for your students' expeditions to Nicaragua 

Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Nicaragua.

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


Climb Lake Ometepe's two island volcanoes

2 - 3 Days 

Acclimatise to the heat and the tropical climate by trekking on Ometepe Island, formed from two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua. You get to experience local traditions kept alive by the islanders, and a variety of exotic vegetation and wildlife. Keep a lookout for the white-faced capuchin and mantled howler monkeys which are studied and protected on the island. 

2 - 3 Days 


La Esperanza

The project phase is often one of the most rewarding aspects of an expedition. Here in Nicaragua you work with rural communities in the city of Granada. It's a fascinating place, and working with the local people allows you to become familiar with their way of life and the problems they face. Nicaragua is still a developing country, and poor compared to its neighbours. 


Five Volcanoes in Five Days

5 days

The Maribios volcano range offers perfect trekking opportunities.

5 days

There are 21 volcanoes in this stunning range and hardy trekkers can take on the 'volcano challenge', in which you have the chance to summit five of them in just five days.

In-Country Agent

Memo Bobadilla
Our In-Country Agent for Nicaragua is Memo. He runs a volcano trekking company in León and will be on hand to ensure you get the very best from your expedition.


Languages spoken: Spanish
Time zone: GMT -6 hours
Interesting fact: Colonised by Spain, the west of Nicaragua is home to people of mixed Spanish and Native American blood. On the eastern seaboard, there is a more Caribbean culture and English and Jamaican patois are spoken.

Acclimatise on Mombacho

Listen out for howler monkeys high up in the trees as you trek around the crater of Mombacho volcano. This is your opportunity for an au-naturel facial from one of the many fumaroles.

Nicaragua & Costa Rica 

You can combine your expedition to Nicaragua with a visit to Costa Rica.


Projects in León, Granada and Miraflor Reserve

Projects are split between community work in León, Granada and Miraflor Reserve.

Available projects 

The project phase in Nicaragua is centred around basic renovation and teaching in rural schools. Nearly all teams will camp on site or stay in classrooms.

Rest & Relaxation

Paradise beaches

If you're looking for a little rest and relaxation after climbing all those volcanoes and helping out with valuable project work, then head to Nicaragua's surf town, San Juan del Sur. Here you can explore the charming fishing town and its markets, or enjoy a cup of Nicaraguan coffee while taking in the stunning beach views. 

Volcano boarding
If you're still after some action, though, Nicaragua has plenty to keep your adrenalin pumping!
Take your pick from zip wiring through a coffee plantation to volcano boarding down Cerro Negro.
Bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, Nicaragua is Central America's largest country and one of the most diverse with its volcanic, mountainous and jungle environments. It is also one of the continent's poorest countries, so your project work here will be of great value.
Claire, our Nicaragua Expedition Planning Manager

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Volcanoes, jungle, beach, mountains