Ecuador Galápagos Expeditions

Ecuador Galápagos at a glance

Population: Ecuador – 15 million; Galápagos Islands – 25,000

Terrain: Mountains, rainforest, coast

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Ideas for your students' expedition to Ecuador

Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Ecuador.

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


Quilotoa Lagoon

4-5 days

Trek through indigenous villages in the Central Highlands of Ecuador, taking in the stunning scenery and local life, until you reach the breathtaking emerald-green Quilotoa Lagoon.

4-5 days

Enjoy spectacular views out over the cloud forest and make the most of a unique opportunity to visit a traditional cheese factory.

Rest & Relaxation

Galápagos Islands tour

Take an amazing tour around four of the Galápagos Islands and participate in a variety of activities along the way. You'll get to see famous giant tortoises, snorkel through warm turquoise waters, learn about the discovery of the archipelago, hike to two volcanoes, get to know sea lions, turtles and blue-footed boobies, and relax on the beach.


Summit a volcano

1 day

Time to really challenge yourself by summiting one of the many volcano peaks in Ecuador. This day requires an early start and a physically tough climb, but the rewards are great and hopefully the weather will hold out to give you some superb views of the surrounding valleys.

1 day

In-Country Agent 

Gary Dent

Following extensive travel to Europe, South Africa and Russia (among others) during his life, Gary and his family decided to settle down in Ecuador 20 years ago and he became the World Challenge In-Country Agent in 2008. Gary now lives close to Tena where his family owns a white water rafting business called River People.


Languages spoken: Spanish, plus main indigenous language of Quichua
Time zone: GMT -5, Galápagos GMT -6
Interesting fact: Chimborazo Volcano is widely believed to be the point on the Earth's surface furthest away from its core, even further than the summit of Everest!

Venture into the Andes

2 - 3 days

There are plenty of beautiful walks through rural Andean villages, visits to waterfalls, hidden lakes and even mountain summits to choose from, to help you acclimatise. 

2 - 3 days

During this time, you get to self-cater and start learning the importance of team work as you see what it's like to trek at altitude. Watch out for the alpacas!


Project summary

Five years ago, World Challenge became involved with a sustainable tourism initiative at the village of San Clemente. Situated on the slopes of the Imbabura Volcano above the nearby town of Ibarra, San Clemente is a thriving community sharing traditional values and a simple way of life. World Challenge teams have completed a variety of work here, including building kitchens, flooring local houses and clearing hiking trails. Each year, around four teams get the opportunity to stay here and help out.

In 2014, World Challenge sent

30 teams

to 11 different project sites throughout Ecuador. These sites were in the Andean highlands, the rainforest and also on the Pacific Coast; there's no end to the number of communities that can benefit from the help offered by our teams.

The beautiful diversity of Ecuador allows World Challenge teams to work in different environments, from painting and reconstruction, to improving community facilities in Andean villages. Tasks can vary at each site, but could involve renovating schools and community centres, building playgrounds and teaching English to the locals.
Our In Country Agent Gary talks through some of the typical activities that Challengers might take on during a Project Preparation Day, from buying materials to making travel arrangements.
Rest & Relaxation

White water rafting

All white water rafting has been suspended until further notice. 
The most amazing thing about Ecuador is its diversity, with volcanoes, rainforest and coast just a few hours away from each other. The jewel in Ecuador's crown is the Galápagos Islands, some 770 miles off the Pacific mainland. With unique wildlife, stunning scenery and laid-back vibes, the Islands are in a league of their own!
Hannah, Ecuador & Galápagos Expedition Planning Manager

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