Romania expeditions

Romania at a glance

Population: 21.8 million

Terrain: Mountains, lakes, plains

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Ideas for your students' expedition to Romania

Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Romania.

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


Set up camp

1 day

Buy your supplies, set up your tents and cook your first meal on a camping stove

1 day


Trek through the stunning mountains of Romania

5 days

Carrying all your kit and equipment, your local guide takes you through the Romanian mountains, through picturesque alpine meadows, forest and along ridgelines.

5 days

Wild camping along the way really gets you immersed in the awe-inspiring surroundings.

Rest & Relaxation

Kayak on Colibita Lake

Paddling on Colibita Lake will give you the opportunity to take in your surroundings from a totally different perspective; you might even be able to spot some local wildlife on the lake's edge

In-Country Agent

Doru Munteanu

Doru manages his own tourism company called Caliman Club Holidays. Doru has been the World Challenge agent for Romania since 2009 and organises trekking, projects and water-based activities. 


Languages spoken: Romanian

Time zone: GMT +3

Interesting fact: Romania shares borders with five other countries: Serbia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine


Take part in a Care2Travel project

Care2Travel is an independent, non-profit organisation whose goals are to promote active citizenship and community development by providing valuable volunteering placements in the Transylvanian region of Romania. The first World Challenge team to complete project work here visited in June 2013.

In 2014

5 teams

worked on projects in Romania from refurbishing village school classrooms and playgrounds, to assisting the Mountain Rescue.

Project Types

There are two main types of project in Romania, working with the Mountain Rescue team or on a local community project. During the summer months, most children are out in the fields helping their parents with the harvest – you might even be able to give them a hand!
Rest & Relaxation

Visit Bran Castle (10 day project itinerary only)

Explore the town of Brasov and take a trip to Bran Castle, where Vlad the Impaler (the inspiration for Dracula) is said to have stayed.

Romanian Food

Try some local delicacies!

Romanian Transport

Experience taking the overnight train to Vatra Dornei

Romania is a truly surprising country. Until you visit, you have no idea how beautiful it is!
James, our Romania Expedition Planning Manager

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Mountains, lakes, plains