Norway expeditions

Norway at a glance

Population: 5 million

Terrain: Rivers and hills

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Ideas for your students' expedition to Norway

Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Norway.

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


The Setesdal Valley

2 - 5 days

Carrying all your kit and equipment, navigate your way through the wilderness of the Setesdal Valley, over hills, in forests and through rivers.

2 - 5 days

Wild camping along the way really gets you immersed in the awe-inspiring surroundings.

Rest & Relaxation

Spend the night in a traditional Norwegian Lavvo

Sleep in a traditional Norwegian Lavvo as you prepare your kit for a self-sufficient trek in the Setesdal Valley.

Rest & Relaxation

Canadian canoeing on the Otra River

Head out for two days' paddling on the Otra River, wild camping on the river bank at night. This is an amazing way to see the landscape and, if you keep your eyes peeled, you may be lucky enough to see beaver, elk or an elusive golden eagle. 

In-Country Agent

Tim Davis is the owner of TrollAktiv Rafting & Adventure Centre in the Setesdal Valley. He has been the World Challenge agent since 2005 so knows exactly what our teams need.


Languages spoken: Norwegian
Time zone: GMT + 2 
Interesting fact: Norway has the longest coastline of any European country


Rest & Relaxation

Raft on the Otra River

All white water rafting has been suspended until further notice. 

Go rafting 

Teams will be based at the TrollAktiv rafting adventure centre, the HQ of your In-Country Agents. 

Norway trekking 

Walking six hours a day, navigate your way across the landscape, passing ancient forests, crystal-clear blue lakes and huge granite ridges. Enjoy the views!

Wild camping in Norway

Norway is a true adventurer's destination with self-sufficient, self-guided trekking, rock climbing, rafting and my favourite – Canadian canoeing.
James, our Norway Expedition Planning Manager

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