Uzbekistan expeditions (Silk Route – Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan)

Uzbekistan at a glance

Population: 30 million

Terrain: Mountains and desert

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Ideas for your students' expedition to Uzbekistan

Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Uzbekistan.

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


Mountain trekking

Central Asia offers perfect weather conditions for mountain trekking from June to August. Teams can experience the exhilaration of trekking through spectacular mountain ranges, lush valleys and pastures and alongside fast-flowing rivers, with the chance to meet nomadic families. The Chimgan Mountain range offers challenging six-day treks with peaks and passes of over 4000m.

Responsible Travel projects

We have been working with Sherzod Norbekov, the Managing Director of 'Responsible Travel' since 2012. Its aim is to develop community-based local tourism in Uzbekistan by creating guesthouses at the homes of locals and offering different programmes such as folklore, culture, bird watching and project work.
This project is a unique experience in that each team has the opportunity to immerse themselves in a local community, learn about their lives, their hardships, how they eat, sleep and celebrate events.

Silk Route

Uzbekistan is offered either as a standalone or as part of the Silk Route expedition with Kyrgyzstan. Visit the page for more information.

Rest & Relaxation

Explore the Silk Route cities in Uzbekistan

Walk through the ancient streets of Samarkand and explore its rich history, stretching back more than two and a half millennia, and fascinating mix of cultures. Bukhara is like an open air museum and is said to be Central Asia's holiest city, with over 140 architectural monuments from the Middle Ages.

In-Country Agent 

Sherzod Norbekov
Sherzod is the Managing Director of the tour company Responsible Travel. He has been working with World Challenge since 2012 in the capacity of project host and is based in-between Tashkent and Yangishilok. This is the first year that he will be our In-Country Agent and he can’t wait for teams to come out. He speaks fluent English and has a lot of experience working with World Challenge teams.


Languages spoken: Uzbek, Russian and Tajik

Time zone: GMT+5

Interesting facts: Uzbekistan is a landlocked country that, along with Kyrgyzstan, forms the heart of The Silk Route, an ancient trade route linking Asia with Europe.

The largest note in Uzbek currency is 1,000 Soms, the equivalent of just under 50 cents!



Chimgan Mountain trek

6 days

You will get to camp wild each night and trek four to eight hours each day, walking through river valleys and gorges surrounded by spectacular scenery. Treks take place in mountainous regions and your ultimate goal is to reach the top of Mount Chimgan.

6 days


Project - Uzbekistan home-stay

During home-stays you can get a real sense of traditional Uzbek village life. You have the chance to interact with children, learn how to make bread and butter, milk a goat, tend the gardens and join in celebrations by learning traditional dances.

In 2014,

10 teams

visited the Nuratau Mountain village projects in Uzbekistan, staying in various villages with local host families. Each team helped improve the water supply in their village and also renovated health centres and schools.

Project Top Tip

Make sure you take some pictures with you of your home country to show your host family, they'll love learning about where you're from.


Village projects

As well as participating in home-stays on their project phase, past teams have connected entire villages to the local water supply where previously villagers had to walk for up to 5km each way to collect water.
Rest & Relaxation

Yurt camp and camel riding in Uzbekistan

Arrive and settle into nomadic-style yurts, explore the surrounding sand dunes before enjoying a traditional Uzbek feast, songs and campfire dances. In the morning, you'll have the opportunity to ride a camel through the Kyzul Kum Desert.

An amazing region which is off the beaten track, offering world-class mountain adventures, stunning architecture and nomadic traditions, all in a unique natural environment.
James, our Uzbekistan Expedition Planning Manager

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