Kyrgyzstan expeditions (Silk Route – Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan)

Kyrgyzstan at a glance

Population: 5.7 million

Terrain: Mountains (Kyrgyzstan) and desert (Uzbekistan)

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Ideas for your students' expedition to Kyrgyzstan

Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Kyrgyzstan.

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


‘Top of the world’ in Central Asia

3 - 7 days

Experience some world-class trekking through snow-covered mountain ranges and alongside beautiful clear lakes and rushing rivers. 

3 - 7 days

Your guide leads the way and you have limited support from either porters or horses, who will help to carry your food and cooking equipment. Trek for four to eight hours a day with wild camping at night. Traverse mountainous regions that rise to impressive peaks and sometimes glaciers, and walk alongside river valleys, through gorges and over high passes.

Silk Route   

Kyrgyzstan is only offered as part of a Silk Route expedition with Uzbekistan 




Project - Uzbekistan home-stay

During home-stays you can get a real sense of traditional Uzbek village life. You have the chance to interact with children, learn how to make bread and butter, milk a goat, tend the gardens and join in celebrations by learning traditional dances.

Rest & Relaxation

Horse riding in Kyrgyzstan

The Kyrgyz people believe that spending time with horses can take away negative energy, replacing it with a more positive mood. There are several different route options throughout Kyrgyzstan for beginners to experienced riders. You can walk through valleys, visit ancient Petro glyph rock sites and stroll along Issyk Kul Beach.

In-Country Agent 

Margarita Turova

Margarita Turova and our trekking provider, ITMC, are based in the capital, Bishkek. They have been working with World Challenge since 2005 and have an incredible knowledge of the Kyrgyzstan trekking areas and the fundamentals of World Challenge expeditions.


Languages spoken: Kyrgyz, Uzbek and Russian

Time zone: GMT +6

Interesting fact: 94% of Kyrgyzstan is 1,000m above sea level with an average elevation of 2,750m, comprising many tall peaks, glaciers and high-altitude lakes.


With a full backpack on, start to acclimatise to your surroundings while trekking through forests, alongside rivers and mountains, passing herds of wild horses.


Explore the sights and sounds of Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek, backed by the Ala Archa mountain range.
Rest & Relaxation


Visit the Silk Route city of Bukhara in Uzbekistan, considered to be Central Asia's holiest city. With over 140 architectural monuments dating back to the Middle Ages, it's well worth exploring.

Sleep in a traditional nomadic yurt, ride a camel in the Kyzyl Kum Desert, watch the sunset over the world’s second-largest alpine lake before finding yourself at the foot of a glacier!
James, our Kyrgyzstan Expedition Planning Manager

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Mountains (Kyrgyzstan) and desert (Uzbekistan)