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Population: 1.3 billion

Terrain: Tea and spice plantations, hills

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Expedition phases

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Kota Malam School, Tamil Nadu

World Challenge has been visiting Kota Malam School since 2011, which has only six teachers, yet 170 students, and is in great need of help. Previous teams have helped paint the nursery, clear land surrounding the school and repair the main school building. Kota Malam always welcomes teams with open arms, so make sure you come well prepared!



4 days

This trek takes you to a region recognised as a biodiversity hotspot, with a unique ecosystem that's home to an abundance of butterflies, birds and fish.

4 days

Its exciting terrain of high-altitude forests and giant redwoods, craggy peaks, cardamom plantations and vast lakes will challenge your trekking skills.

In-Country Agent 

Kalypso Adventures

Kalypso Adventures was set up by ex-naval commanders, making the company very professional and efficient! In 2012, they organised the biggest ever charity cycling event in India, with approximately 600 participants from around the world.


Languages spoken: There is no official 'Indian' language; Hindi is spoken by about 20% of the population, English is widely spoken (18 languages are recognised by the constitution, with more than 1600 additional minor languages and dialects).
Time zone: GMT +5.30
Interesting fact: India is the seventh largest country in the world, with the largest democracy and one of the oldest civilisations.



Explore the traditional port town of Kochi

2 days

Adjust to the sights, sounds and smells of India and become accustomed to the different pace of life. It's important you don't do too much at first though, because after a long and tiring journey to India, you'll need a good rest before the next phase of your expedition.

2 days

Project types

You may get the opportunity to help build a canteen, a bike shed or renovate a school. You'll stay at the school or camp nearby, which gives you the chance to get to know the local children studying there and run a sports day or school activity for them.

Top Station

4 days

This trek will take you to Lake Anaerangal, meaning 'lake where the elephants come down', and through thriving high-altitude forests before reaching a spectacular viewpoint across forest-covered mountains scattered with spice-growing villages.

4 days

Rest & Relaxation

Explore the Keralan backwaters

Take a day trip on the Kerala backwaters in a traditional houseboat. These were once used to transport spices to the coast before they were shipped off to Europe.

As you journey through Southern India, the sights, sounds and smells will be a feast for the senses, but above all the welcome from those you meet will live with you for ever.
Laura, our India Expedition Planning Manager

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Tea and spice plantations, hills