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Zambia at a glance

Population: 14 million

Terrain: Mountains, rivers, forests, canyons (Itinerary dependent)

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Ideas for your students' expedition to Zambia

Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Zambia.

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


Mwandi mud-hut project

In the community of Mwandi, the local chief and mission dedicate their time and effort to improving the housing situation for families. To help accommodate a growing community struggling with poverty and the effects of HIV and AIDS, World Challenge is offering support to build traditional housing. Teams will work alongside children and adults  from the community, using local materials and building techniques to deliver a project that is understood, required, and maintainable by the community it serves.


Overnight trek with the Lozi tribe

2 days

This trek takes you between two villages through native bushland and rural communities, accompanied by a guide who will introduce you to the local way of life. You get to try local food, learn traditional skills such as basket weaving, milking goats, and even a local dance!

2 days


Zambian rural communities

World Challenge is focusing its 2010-2014 project efforts on rural community development, with most teams working in the Mwandi community of south-west Zambia.

In-Country Agent

Kim Phippen

Kim Phippen is part of a team that forms one of the cornerstones of Zambia travel for backpackers. Based in Livingstone, Kim is dedicated to sustainable tourism in the country, and has a wealth of knowledge on the teams' project and R&R activities.


Languages spoken: English, eight local languages
Time zone: GMT +2
Interesting fact: The Lozi tribe of southern Zambia has an intricate greeting ceremony, involving hand clapping everyone you meet.



Zambezi River on the Batoka Gorge

5 days 

South of Victoria Falls, Batoka Gorge is a trekker's paradise. Following the meanders of the river, you get to trek along the rugged river bank at the bottom of the gorge, camping wild each night. The only company you will have may be the odd rafting group as they float past, looking to tackle the white water rapids of the Zambezi. You are rewarded at the end of the trek by a home-cooked meal and a hot shower.

5 days 

Zambia, Malawi & Botswana 

Zambia can be linked with both Malawi and Botswana, click on these pages for more information.

Rest & Relaxation

Explore Victoria Falls near Livingstone

Following in the footsteps of Dr Livingstone to Victoria Falls is a must for all teams travelling to Zambia. The roaring waterfalls crash into the gorge below, surrounded by lush green vegetation. Explore the many pathways around the national park, and peruse the crafts market outside to pick up any souvenirs for home.

Rest & Relaxation

Game drive and boat safaris

A Zambia itinerary gives you the opportunity to see Africa's big game, by visiting one of the many safari parks in the country. You are free to plan your ideal safari package, from a single game drive to a full-day multi-activity package. Whatever you choose, you will be able to get up close to some of Africa's most iconic wildlife for an experience you will not forget.


Projects in Zambia

All projects in Zambia are based in rural communities. Nearly all the project co-ordinators we work with have worked with World Challenge for several years, and together we map out a list of goals we hope to achieve over the coming years. Whatever project you are allocated, you can be confident it is targeted to meet the needs of your host community.

Zambia has so many 'wow' factors it's hard to list them all. Tough trekking, community projects and a range of R&R activities, such as Victoria Falls and a safari all add up to make an unforgettable itinerary.
Michael, our Zambia Expedition Planning Manager

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Mountains, rivers, forests, canyons (Itinerary dependent)