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Mozambique at a glance

Population: 25 million

Terrain: Coast, forest, mountains

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Before you go

Support from your local World Challenge team

Our regional teams are dedicated to supporting School Leaders, Challengers and parents throughout the build-up programme. From the Customer Support Team, who are available to answer any questions and offer advice, to our Programme Team, who deliver a comprehensive series of meetings, we make sure that Challengers are fully prepared for their expedition.

All World Challenge Programme Meetings

(the number of meetings required will depend on the duration of your expedition)
  • Expedition Skills Meeting
  • Training Expedition
  • Adventure Workshop
  • Meet the Leader
  • Expedition Planning Conference
  • Build-Up Day

Physical fitness programme

Put together by experts, Your World Challenge Fitness Assistance Pack includes guidance on how to get fit, a timeline to plan fitness in the lead up to the expedition, examples of exercises and a range of exercise plans. There’s also some compulsory testing so you can feedback on the team’s fitness scores. We use this to identify any Challengers that may need a specific action plan.

Free teacher places

We offer one fully funded staff place for the first eight students on the trip to ensure that each of our Challengers gets all the support they need. We operate a minimum adult/student ratio of 1:8 which includes the Expedition Leader.

While you are there

Support from our people on the ground

Every expedition is accompanied by a trained and experienced World Challenge Expedition Leader who ensures things run smoothly and safely. Challengers also benefit from the in-depth local knowledge and contacts of our In-Country Agents, local experts based in the destinations we travel to.

Flights and in-country travel

The price of your expedition includes international flights and all transport once in country, including any internal flights detailed in your itinerary. Travel from your home to your departure airport is not included in the price – it’s up to the school or individual to arrange this.

Accommodation, food and in-country costs

Each team gets a budget to cover all costs needed to complete the itinerary once they have landed in the country. These include all accommodation, local food, transport, project material donation, all fees associated with trekking and a miscellaneous budget for buying a local mobile phone and cooking supplies. The team are expected to work within a budget designed to encourage them to eat local food, try self-catering and use purified water.

24-hour operational support

World Challenge provides 24-hour operational support to all of our expedition teams. Equipped with unique incident management software and detailed information on each participant, school and itinerary, our trained and experienced team can handle any problem that may occur, from helping to resolve passport and visa issues to coordinating medical evacuations.

Insurance and global medical and security assistance

Our comprehensive insurance covers search and rescue services, casualty evacuation and medical treatment for all team members. World Challenge is partnered with International SOS – a leader in the provision of both medical and security advice and support to travellers across the globe. Each expedition team is equipped with state-of-the-art satellite communications equipment as well as a comprehensive medical kit, handbook and expert support. 

What's not included?

There are some additional costs that are not included in the price:
  • Vaccinations
  • Visas
  • UK travel and accommodation
  • Optional rest and relaxation activities
  • Purchase of Challenger personal equipment
  • Insurance for Challenger personal equipment 

My World Challenge

You can find more information on visas and vaccinations at My World Challenge. This connects teachers, students and parents with everything to do with the expedition through a personalised web portal. We’re always here to help you prepare for your adventure, and if you have any questions about your destination or itinerary, or need any advice on visas and vaccinations, contact your friendly World Challenge team.

Cotswold Outdoor

Cotswold Outdoor offers all World Challenge participants a 15% discount. If you need advice on personal equipment a Cotswold Outdoor representative will come to your school and give an equipment talk to staff, students and parents or you can arrange a private appointment for the whole team at your local store. All Cotswold Outdoor stores also hold copies of Kit lists for local schools.

Lonely Planet

World Challenge customers are entitled to 25% off all Lonely Planet guides - we will ensure you get the most up-to-date guides for your destination.

As well as its sublime 2,500km coastline, relatively untouched Mozambique offers stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, sincere people and fascinating history. When you visit, not only will you experience a dream destination, you will also contribute to its post-war recovery.
Caroline, our Mozambique Expedition Planning Manager

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