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Population: 25 million

Terrain: Coast, forest, mountains

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Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Mozambique.

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


Build schools in rural Manica Province

In 2012, two teams ventured through the Chimanimani Reserve to a tiny village where the school house was so basic it could not stand up to the elements, meaning school was often suspended. With some seriously hard work, the teams built a new concrete structure including foundations, a concrete floor, frame and roof, as well as teaching English to the children and providing the community with their first foreign visitors ever! In 2013, two teams get to help complete the new school and in the future we hope to help the community build its first toilet block and teacher's house.

Rural community project

Find out what it's like to work on a community project in rural Mozambique.

Community projects in Mozambique

World Challenge works with local charitable organisations in southern and central Mozambique, to contribute to sustainable development at community level. Based in a remote village inside the Moribane Forest deep in the heart of rural Mozambique, or a small primary school on the coast, teams get to build new schools, classroom blocks or sanitation facilities, teach English or help set up infrastructure for much-needed alternative income sources.


Climb Mozambique's highest peak!

5 Days 

Teams spend up to four days exploring the dramatic and beautiful landscape of the Chimanimani Mountains, trekking with local community guides and camping on the rolling Chimanimani Plateau. Trek through sub-tropical forest before taking in the stunning views from the summit of Mount Binga, Mozambique's highest peak. It's unlikely you'll see another tourist here!

5 Days 

In-Country Agent

Andrew and Milagre
Andrew and his wife Milagre founded an NGO which seeks to help poorer and vulnerable local communities become more self-sufficient and is based in Manica province. Together they are working for a better future for these communities and World Challenge is lucky enough to be a part of that.


Languages spoken: Portuguese is spoken widely in the cities, and 60 other indigenous languages of Bantu origin are spoken in rural areas.

Time zone: GMT +1

Interesting fact: Tofo is one of the best places for diving in the world. From elegant manta rays and inquisitive whale sharks, to rainbow-coloured reef life and sea turtles, the diving and snorkelling here is spectacular.


Set up camp deep in the Chimanimani National Reserve

Get acquainted with Mozambique’s climate and culture, by taking a couple of easy day treks around the foothills of the Chimanimani mountains.

Get used to the sights, sounds and smells of rural Mozambique. Walk to a spectacular waterfall one day and visit ancient rock paintings the next.


International marine research project and school community project

Teams get to join a marine research project for a few days on Mozambique's stunning coastline. This involves joining boat launches to snorkel with marine life in the open ocean. The aim of the project is to take underwater photographs to identify whale sharks and other marine species and record ecological information. You will also spend some time working with a local community carrying out much-needed building and maintenance work at a local school. (This is in combination with Swaziland only.)

Rest & Relaxation

Gorongosa National Park safari

Gorongosa National Park once supported some of the densest wildlife populations in all of Africa, including carnivores, herbivores and over 500 bird species. However, the country's long civil war at the end of the 20th century left the park in ruin, ecosystems stressed and large mammal numbers reduced by as much as 95%. After a long-term rehabilitation programme, Gorongosa is once again a great safari destination and teams now have the chance to be part of its ongoing development. Keep your eyes peeled for wildlife!

Mozambique Rest & Relaxation

Spot whale sharks, giant manta rays and beautiful coral reefs in the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. It's a snorkeller's paradise! 

Swaziland & Mozambique

Swaziland & Mozambique can be combined for a 3 week expedition including marine research projects. Visit our Swaziland page for more information.

Mozambique projects

Over the last two years, nine teams have built three new schools in the rural Manica Province.

As well as its sublime 2,500km coastline, relatively untouched Mozambique offers stunning scenery, abundant wildlife, sincere people and fascinating history. When you visit, not only will you experience a dream destination, you will also contribute to its post-war recovery.
Caroline, our Mozambique Expedition Planning Manager

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