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Ethiopia at a glance

Population: 93 million

Terrain: Mountains

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Ideas for your students' expedition to Ethiopia 

Here is just a flavour of the amazing things your students can do on an expedition to Ethiopia. 

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Expedition phases

Your students choose activities from any of the following phases:


Explore the Simien Mountains

3 - 4 Days

Trek through the Simien Mountains with your experienced local guide and camp each night in spectacular surroundings.

3 - 4 Days


Work on a project with Link Ethiopia

We have been working with Link Ethiopia since 2010 and are proud to have completed some long-term projects with schools in Debre Zeit and Gonder, including building new toilet blocks, improving sanitation facilities and completing a three-year project to build and decorate a new library that is now the best in Debre Zeit!


Go back to basics on a project in the Bale Foothills

Working on a project in a rural community with no electricity, no running water and, if you're lucky, a long drop toilet is a big challenge. But improving school buildings and working alongside the local community makes it all worthwhile!


Horse trek in the Bale Foothills

3 - 4 days

Trek on foot and horseback through the Bale Foothills with your local guide. Camp each night in rural villages and marvel at the different landscapes you pass through. This trek will help you get used to exerting energy at higher altitudes.

3 - 4 days

In-Country Agent

Andarg Girma 

Andarg is the manager and main tour guide of Alligan Travel, a tour operator offering a multitude of tours throughout Ethiopia. Andarg has been the World Challenge agent in Ethiopia since 2009 and is based in Addis Ababa with his family. 


Time zone: GMT +3

Languages spoken: Amharic, Oromo

Interesting fact: Far from being a flat desert, most of Ethiopia is more than 2000m above sea level, with two major mountain ranges and the world's largest tract of Afro-alpine environment


Stand on the edge of the world in the Simien Mountains

3 - 4 Days

With your local guide and team of porters, trek in one of the most spectacular places in Africa, offering stunning views, varied landscapes and abundant wildlife.

3 - 4 Days

Keep your eye out for troops of the Gelada baboons and the harder to spot endemic ibex or Ethiopian wolf.

In 2015,

15 teams

worked on 10 project sites in Ethiopia, in conjunction with our partner charity, Link Ethiopia, and with rural communities in the Bale Foothills and villages in Konso, south Ethiopia, completing 10 new toilet blocks.

Ethiopia Projects

There are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Ethiopian culture during the project phase. Typically revolving around schools, often without government funding, you will have the chance to get your hands dirty. Depending on the community or school, tasks range from renovating classroom blocks or sanitation facilities, teaching English or setting up long-term sustainable vegetable gardens.
Rest & Relaxation

Relax in the Rift Valley

Take some time out and relax at a Rift Valley Lodge, where there is an abundant array of birds on the surrounding lakes. If you are really lucky you might even spot a hippo!

Lake Tana

Hop on a boat and cross the lake to visit the mysterious painted monasteries where you can learn about the fascinating religious history of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia Project Video

Two teams worked on building classrooms at Korduru School

The Simien Mountains in the north of Ethiopia are the most spectacular place on earth I have been far!
Hayley, our Ethiopia Expedition Planning Manager

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