The World Challenge Programme – Clara's Journey

Hi, I’m Clara and I’m going on a World Challenge to Ecuador in July 2016.
I really can’t wait for my four-week expedition with 16 other team members from my school, Pipers Corner, to adventure out into the unknown to see and experience amazing opportunities that not many teenagers get to say they have done.
I have been fortunate enough to travel to other countries but there is so much more out there still to see and different cultures that I am ready to explore!
I want to share my World Challenge experience with you, so follow my unforgettable journey every step of the way. #clarasjourney

93 days left to go

In this video I discuss some the useful tips and tricks that have helped me raise funds towards my expedition. From a simple coin box to selling unwanted items on eBay, there are plenty of ways to save and raise. Every penny counts.

141 days left to go

Bag packing is a great way to raise money, this week Clara offers useful tips to help you organise some bag packing at your local supermarket.

173 days left to go

Christmas is a great time to think of some creative ideas to raise money towards your expedition. Happy New Year!

209 days left to go

A weekend Training Expedition is a significant part of the World Challenge journey. The camping experience for Challengers encourages team communication and helps develop those essential practical skills for expedition life, including cooking, camp craft, hygiene and safety scenarios. Here’s how I got on recently at Ashdown Forest (East Sussex)! #clarasjourney

247 days left to go

Teamwork plays a significant role in the overall planning and management of an expedition, so it’s important that you all work together from the very off, even if you’re not in the same circle of friends at school. Here, my fellow Challengers say hello! #clarasjourney

266 days left to go

If you want to maximise your enjoyment whilst on expedition, being fit and prepared is vitally important prior to travelling so watch how I got on in my latest fitness test at school. #clarasjourney

284 days left to go

Ever thought about taking part in a car boot sale to raise some much-needed funds for your World Challenge expedition? Watch my latest video to see just how straightforward and simple it is to arrange. #clarasjourney

293 days left to go

I'm heading to Ecuador in July 2016 on a World Challenge expedition and so thought I would post these videos to hopefully give useful tips and advice on everything from fundraising to buying expedition equipment. Enjoy :)  #clarasjourney