About World Challenge

Why choose World Challenge?

Our unrivalled experience, range of itineraries, expertise and support and safety systems make us the world’s leading expedition company

Why go on a school trip when you can go on a World Challenge?

We are the largest school expedition company in the world. With offices in Australia, Boston, Dubai, South Africa and New Zealand, we send over 9000 students on expedition every year. 
World Challenge has been organising expeditions for young people through schools since 1987. All our decisions are based on invaluable experience, expertise and industry knowledge. 
In 2015, 714 teams from around 500 schools went on expedition with World Challenge, with over 1100 teachers. 
No other provider offers the depth of learning outcomes delivered by our educational programme, the scale of safety and back-up, the number of destinations or the level of customer support that we give to teachers, students and parents.
World Challenge has provided me with the top two teaching experiences of my career. Watching students grow throughout their World Challenge expedition is remarkable. As a teacher, I have learned a great deal about the social, emotional, and leadership development of students through my two World Challenge expeditions and I take those lessons back into the classroom. For students, there is no equivalent to World Challenge – the unique blend of travel in the developing world, challenge, leadership, and teamwork is not replicated by any other company. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of it and would highly recommend it to teachers and students.
School Leader – Concord-Carlisle High School
Bolivia 2013, Tanzania 2012

Our Ethos

Laying the foundations for a successful and fulfilling life starts at a very young age. Each step along the way involves a balance between family values and support, education, achievement, teamwork and motivation. World Challenge aims to support and facilitate the development of young people through life-changing experiences. We provide a safe environment for students of school age to explore the limits of their comfort zone, allowing them to grow in confidence and resourcefulness, both of which are key qualities to help build successful and fulfilling lives.
Taking ownership and responsibility for people and plans is at the centre of the World Challenge learning experience. Participation and teamwork are essential factors behind any successful expedition.
Global citizenship is another important dimension to the programme. Part of the World Challenge ethos is to ensure that students experience cultures and environments very different to their home country. This brings an appreciation of the challenges facing other cultures and hopefully awakens the desire to understand, explore and develop a global perspective on life.
Our ethos truly comes to life when our students, teachers and parents tell us how this programme has changed their lives:
I believe that the structure of a World Challenge expedition is a winning formula. The way the students are engaged and involved from the outset gives them true ownership of their experience. After four expeditions I have not had one student who has not enjoyed the challenge or benefited from the experience, in fact many have gone on to travel and organise their own adventures using the skills they learnt while on World Challenge. It is an experience like no other!
School Leader – Denbigh School
Tanzania (Mt Kilimanjaro) 2014


We travel to over 40 destinations across the world where teams can choose to focus on a key interest such as project work or diving. We are constantly developing our portfolio, so keep an eye out for our latest destinations and developments.


Get involved in designing your own bespoke expedition by matching the objectives and aspirations of your team with each phase. Choose between treks of different duration, altitude, terrain and levels of support; projects based around community or conservation; and rest and relaxation activities that are high-energy, cultural or unique sightseeing experiences. Or, if you’ve only got a short time, let us choose the highlights for you.
A beautifully balanced programme that ensures aspects of challenge are always there, yet the changing phases ensure that the process does not become stale.
School Leader – Johnstone High School
Nepal 2013

Expedition Leaders

We pride ourselves on hiring the best Expedition Leaders in the business – the most experienced, the best trained and the best qualified. We match the right leader to your school and your team.
Our Expedition Leader worked extremely effectively with our team. She ensured different members of the team were supported where needs be, however she also ensured that certain members of the team were stretched where appropriate, to gain the most from their experience. 
School Leader – Williamwood High School
South Africa & Namibia 2013


This is often the phase on which your students place the most value. Get involved in meaningful and long-term projects working alongside local communities aspiring to drive change at a grass roots level. Let us match the strengths and expectations of your team with our project sites and hosts.
Life experience beats any classroom learning and students can get themselves thoroughly immersed in the project phase. Exciting, fun and adventurous, [it's an] excellent way to learn about other cultures...
School Leader – The High School for Girls, Gloucester
Project Ghana 2014

Safety & Support

All this is underpinned by our industry-leading support and safety systems. 
We are renowned for our comprehensive safety and back-up provision, covering every eventuality. Teams have access to 24-hour operational support, medical insurance, the latest satellite communications equipment, as well as our experienced In-Country Agents and Expedition Leaders, and Hubs in key locations around the world.

24-hour Operational Support

World Challenge provides 24-hour operational support to all of our expedition teams. Our global Operations Centre, based at our head office in High Wycombe, is staffed by trained and experienced support personnel who can handle any problem that may occur, from helping to resolve passport and visa issues to coordinating medical evacuations.
Impressed with support given when a passport and money etc. were stolen hours before departure home. I was impressed that this was on a personal level with the same person dealing with me on each call, and the patience given, and willingness to speak with embassy staff, rebook flights etc; excellent.
School Leader – Pipers Corner School
Uganda 2014

Full support

Teachers, students, parents, Expedition Leaders and Local Authorities are issued log-ins to the team’s dedicated expedition portal – My World Challenge – to monitor progress at any time. Each of our Regional Managers attends to a small number of client schools in their local area. Their familiarity with your school and expedition needs helps them to deliver a personalised service. Above and beyond this, our dedicated Customer Support Team are on hand to answer parents’ and Challengers’ questions, so you don’t have to.

Support received from the School Support Co-ordinator was outstanding. Communication via email was excellent: rapid and informative responses every time! As a School Leader, it was fantastic to liaise with just one key member of World Challenge staff, rather than contacting different departments with different queries.
School Leader – Endon High School
Malaysia 2013

We aim to help young people to explore their limits and grow in confidence, resourcefulness and global citizenship

The whole experience of seeing the development of students throughout a two year period, culminating in an unforgettable experience in a far flung corner of the world that they have possibly never even heard of until the launch of the expedition, is more satisfying than words can express. It really is life changing for so many of the youngsters and every expedition I have taken part in (14 in total) is very different because of the dynamics of the group of students. When I get messages from previous Challengers saying the month they spent on expedition is still the 'best month of their life' and they are now 30 years old – I know the time spent, the problems faced and overcome, and the sacrifices made are more than worthwhile.
School Leader – Philip Morant School
Costa Rica & Nicaragua 2014
Myself and the Expedition Leader saw huge changes in every member of the team. Members who were quiet and uncertain to begin with became vocal and determined during the four weeks. Confidence was increased tenfold in a number of students.
School Leader – Dingwall Academy
Borneo 2013

Why go on a school trip when you can go on a World Challenge?

"The structure of a World Challenge expedition is a winning formula. The way the students are engaged and involved from the outset gives them true ownership of their experience... It is an experience like no other!"
School Leader, DENBIGH SCHOOL, Tanzania (Mt Kilimanjaro) 2014
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