Project Independence – How it Works

How it Works

There are three easy steps to getting away on expedition:

1. The Programme: You will attend a programme of team meetings to teach you skills you'll need before you land in country. It's also a great opportunity to get to know your team mates and meet your expedition leader. 

2. Fundraising: We believe that the money management skills that you learn through raising your own funds are a vital part of the journey. With the support of the My World Challenge portal and our Fundraising Events team, we give you all the tools you need to plan and raise the expedition fee. Hear about how over 10,000 Challengers raise the funds every year.

3. Fitness: We want you to have the best possible time on expedition, so a good base level of fitness is important. We will send you fitness guidance to help you get in shape for your trip, step by step. To help you benchmark your progress we will need you to participate in two fitness evaluations - one at the beginning, so we can tailor advice for you if necessary, and one at your training expedition. 

Your Programme

November 2017: Launch Meeting, 3 hours, date and location to be confirmed
Come and meet your team mates for the first time! We can't wait to introduce you all! We'll talk more about your itinerary and giev you loads of fundraising advice. There will be the option to kickstart your fitness plan too – be bold, get involved!
Easter 2018: Training Expedition and Meet your Expedition Leaders! 27-29th April 2018
Time to get your boots and backpack on and head into the hills with your Expedition Leader. This weekend will teach you the essential skills for expedition life, including how to travel safely, manage a budget and get competent in camp craft. You will also be able to complete your final fitness evaluation.
Your two-day training expedition will culminate in an opportunity for your parents to meet your Expedition Leader and ask any questions.
Departure Build-Up Day: date and location tbc
The day before departure the team will get to do a full kit, equipment and documentation check. Your Expedition Leader will discuss team rules and roles for the first phase of the trip. It's then time to get on the plane and head off for the adventure of a lifetime!

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